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  • Oregon Gold pulp bales

    Cascade Pacific Pulp, LLC produces a wide range of pulp products tailored to production of various kinds of paper. Used in paper and board grades from cardboard boxes to tissue, our pulp is sold to paper makers around the world.

  • White Gold pulp bales

    Our products are based on the wood species Douglas fir, Western Hemlock, and Western Red Cedar. Our pulp is produced from lumber production residuals, using state of the art technology and modern equipment, while maintaining our excellent environmental protection.

Our pulp products include:

Oregon Gold™

Oregon Gold is a high strength Douglas fir based pulp, ideal for newsprint reinforcement, printing and writing papers, tissue, filter grades, bleached board, and white top liner board. It is produced with high brightness and cleanliness and our strict quality controls ensure product uniformity.

White Gold™

White Gold is a blend of fibers with a unique wide fiber length distribution, ideal for formation enhancement. This pulp has good strength, high brightness and cleanliness and has applications in printing and writing papers, tissue, bleached board, white top liner board.


Our unbleached grades are very high strength Douglas fir based pulps with paper and board applications in cement board, liner board, filter grades, saturating grades, and specialty decorative grades.

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